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Charming engineer seeks long-term girlfriend!

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Post time: 2016-12-21 11:41 pm
Last edited at 2017-01-01 03:34 pm by the author.
Well. . .I pride on my honesty and I have absolutely pure intentions about dating. I'm looking for a long-term relationship based on unconditional love, unshakable trust and ultimate respect between me and her. I want to find with my best friend and build our little love nest with her in a quiet corner. I'm the soft romantic type as well and I long for companionship, warmth and touch.

More about me:

"Do you know why God created gaps between fingers?

So that someone who is special to you comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand forever"

1) First and foremost, I'm a dreamer. I dream big of a better world without wars and hunger. I contemplate deeply about issues affecting orphaned children, the physically challenged and seniors.

2) I have been innately curious about my surroundings and the environment since my childhood. I'm willing to learn new things anytime and every time; always looking forward to know more, see more and explore. I Google up even small things that come across as unfamiliar. I'm an Wikipedia addict and an editor too. This makes me a little bit of nerdy with a touch of sophistication.

3) For me, life is a series of new experiences and every individual a new book to read. I'm intrinsically adventurous and like to try new things all the time. I'm told I'm also very unpredictable and I keep cracking the occasional joke (they sometimes get subtly sarcastic or self-deprecating) once in awhile which makes me the fun guy around.

4) I have a keen sense of self-identity and self-respect at all times and I clearly know where I'm going and what I'm doing. I always recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I'm zealous at heart and zestful towards life. That makes me perceptive and thoughtful, yet spontaneous and tender. I always try to live life to its fullest which makes me come off as seemingly intense on occasions. However. I'm surprising in pleasant ways. I'm genuine, passionate and delicately sensitive.

5) Work is important to me. . .but only when at work. I love my career and play hard to develop it but value my personal life much more. I have never lived life with debt, sinister intentions, health issues, bad habits, weirdness, revengeful individuals or skeletons in my closet. I'm rarely angry, stressed or impatient. . .

6) I'm an old-school guy raised in the old-fashioned way with traditional family values that are timeless. I'm constantly positive, enthusiastic and optimistic. I'm ambitious for philosophical success, not about materialistic rewards. I do take pride in being good and loyal to my friends and family and I have stories to tell always. I like helping others whenever I get an opportunity because it creates a warm sense of self-worth deep inside.

7) When not pushing the frontiers of human knowledge, I do indulge in a complex mosaic of elaborate hobbies like reading cool stuff, watching analytical documentaries and collecting beautiful nothings; all the while dreaming to meet my soulmate and sharing everything with her.

8) I'm uniquely intriguing, mystic, charming, dynamic and unconventional. I'll make sure you feel as much beautiful as you can possibly feel. I look forward to spend all of the most special moments in my life with you. If I look halfway decent, why not take your chances with me? I'll make you smile, laugh, and wonder, "How come I've never met a guy like this before?!" You won't lose anything for sure but might have an entire new life with a new sunshine to gain. . .

9) I plan to have a pair of Giraffes as my pets once I'm able to afford that:)

10) Everything you think you've learned about me from this profile is less than you'd know if we'd made eye contact across a room. . .

What I'm looking for:

"She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful for the way she thought. She was beautiful for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful for her ability to make others smile even when she was sad. No, she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald...

Contact me if. . .

If you are soothing, soft and simple. You want to lie with me on green grass under the clear sky on a moonlit night and gaze at the stars. You like smells of fresh rain and wet soil.

If you are looking for your best fiend and a long-term partnership. You can let me share absolutely everything with you. You can let me weep with my head resting on your shoulders and you can wipe off my tears with your soft warm hands. You can hold my hands until death.

You are adventurous, willing to take calculated risks and break out of your comfort zones. You are curious about the world around and inquisitive. You're not bound by walls of pre-conceived notions.

I prefer still waters that run deep. . .I love depth. Are you a critical thinker with a deep, analytical mindset? I'm sold. I like women with intriguing personas. Bonus points to the slightly nerdy girl with a soft-core geekiness!

Do you believe that a partner is nothing short of an ultimate blessing from Heaven? If yes, you should definitely get in touch at (myquest4love89@gmail.com)! It might change our worlds. . .

Thanks you so much for taking your time to read this far!
I wish you an eternal sunshine in your life...coolinnocentkisslaughingsmilesurprised

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andreView-Profile    Send-Private-Message
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Post time: 2016-12-27 12:22 pm
Quest, please don't forget to give out your contact information here or on the profile.

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