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All my music keeps disappearing from MediaMonkey Pro

kesizewiView Profile
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Post time: 2018-03-15 04:31 am

I need help. I can successfully sync songs over Wifi to my Samsung Galaxy S5 (using Internal Storage) and all of the songs show up in MediaMonkey Pro --for a while -- then MMA shows nothing at all in my library. The songs are still there. I can see all of the MP3 files in /storage/emulated/0/music using the Folders button in MMA. In the Options, that folder is selected under "Choose library folders."If I go to Options and click on "Check for new/changed media," all of the music will once again show up in my library -- for a while. It typically takes no more than an hour to two before they disappear again. It is driving me nuts (though it is a short drive.) Using MMA Pro (I was originally using MMA Beta and had the same issue.)Phone is Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint) with Android 4.4.2.

please help

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