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Do you think old friends still remember you?

DonnieclarkView Profile
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Post time: 2017-12-23 03:47 am
Year 10 and 11 was filled with amazing memories with my best friend O and my new best friend Lloyd. We all went through so much together but this thread is about L. Despite knowing O all my life, me and L were such good friends, so simular. Through those two years we became 'best friends'. We'd planned to go to Uni together, to rent a house together etc. We'd always be taliing.. proper bromance. But then after starting Year 12 last September it fell apart. He became close with his old friends and I guess I got jealous. We had a petty argument and never spoke for three months (painful). Then a day before New years I appologised and wished him a happy new year. We spoke for a while, he told me how he'd recently reread our old Skype chats etc.
But now, on his Facebook he talks about how he's never been happier eith his new friends (he told this to me!) and in sschool he won't even achnowledge me. I try to remember him for the good times, but he's changed so much since Sixth form
How much do memories of old friends mean to you etc?

Please help.
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