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Not paying the second semester - visa issues?

DonnieclarkView Profile
Points:231  User group: Acolyte
Post time: 2017-12-22 03:15 am
i'm in my second year at TAFE, I just signed up for a new one year diploma and paid for the first 6 months. I already received my one year visa, but I end up not liking the study and want to drop off. Most likely, I won't pass my first semester, so I'm wondering, can I get away with not paying the rest of the TAFE year (second semester) and not have issue with my visa? From memory last year after I received my one year visa the government never checked back on me to see if I paid the school fees for second semester or even if I got my degree, they just want your confirmation of enrolment to grant you the visa but what would be the consequences if I end up only spending half of the yearly money? If I could avoid paying another 8K for 6 months of a year I won't graduate and go to it would be appreciated

Please help.
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