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Parents of Beverly Hills

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Post time: 2017-12-20 10:55 pm
I worked there, once upon a time.. sometime in the late sixties. I didn't run into the difficulties this fellow did, but he was there much longer than I was. I was there, having left a lab job to a chosen successor at UCLA in order to try my hand at hematology, and almost immediately becoming the one doing the hematology, in BH yet. I still remember my only visit to Saks from there, since I was wearing, from that lab, a seriously ugly "nurse's uniform" with peaked sleeves. I'd no uniforms of my own in my past, except lab coats. Stared at the jewelry counter daintily...
I'd been there before, but that was the time I distinctly felt odd.
I liked the owners of the lab, one of them a very simpatico person about helping people in Nicaragua, for example. I ended up working there for ten months before returning to UCLA.
So, my experience was different with ten months full of patients to take and read blood from, and ten months of some parents, no complaints from me.
That was the lab where I did a big lab no-no, refusing to take blood from a patient. That was Jim Morrison and his betrothed at the time, and I was a chicken. The lab supe took over, none too happy with me, saying, Jo, that's not lab.
Ah, the memories. chosen successor was a very very chubby man, and a few other people on the floor made fun of him. He was terrific at lab work (army, if I remember) and we became family friends.
I'll be quiet now. Turkeys are apt to be roasting in the US.

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