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Settling in Canada after Dental School?

DonnieclarkView Profile
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Post time: 2017-12-20 10:54 pm
First time using this site so mind me if this isn't in the right forum. I'm a current undergrad at UNC who wants to pursue a career in dentistry. My family however moved to Canada for personal reasons and was wondering how the career is like up there if I choose to move there in the future after I become a dentist (hopefully). One of the main reasons I want to become a dentist is because I like doing the surgical procedures a surgeon gets to do without the grueling hours - flexibility/weekends off is very important to me. Most dentist offices in the US are only open Monday-Friday, with only a half day on Fridays, if they are even open. However, when I look up the hours of various dental clinics near where my family lives, I see that they are open 6, sometimes all 7 days of the week and are open until 8am-8pm. Is this because there are rotating dentists? Are the hours still as flexible as the hours of a dentist in America? What about the salary? Will I still be able to pay off my student loans in Canadian dollars rather than USD? Can a current Canadian dentist answer or anyone who knows what dentistry is like in Canada answer?

Please help.
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