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all help is appreciated

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Post time: 2017-12-19 04:10 am
Well I'm an university student, and one of my teachers who's tge youngest amount them has been acting weirdly this semester! At first he wouldn't look my way except when I'm looking down, but now he keeps staring andsmiling to himself alot, like when he sees me standing somewhere he looks and smile then leaves! The other day I came up to him asking for some explanations concerning the lesson and he had troubles talking and made quit alot of mistakes explaining and I saw that he was nervous! I don't know what I should do to make sure if he does like me or not! I'm afraid of believing in those signs then be disappointed! What do you think? And yes I do like him! Thanks for answering in advance!
PS: teacher-student relationship is acceptable in my university as long as the student is not forced!

Please help.
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