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How to inspire students to quit smoking?

DonnieclarkView Profile
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Post time: 2017-12-16 01:25 am
There is a strange (to me) fad at the small university where I teach. It's a small liberal arts college, 60 students total -- so everybody knows everybody.
At some schools, students hug a lot. At others, they wear smiley buttons or stripey socks or whatnot.
At our school, they smoke. Nearly all of them. Those that were non-smokers start within weeks of joining the school. I'd say two thirds of them are smokers. I find it strange in this day and age when it's supposed to be fading out -- yes, even in Central and Eastern Europe.
They have a ping pong table, darts, nice new computer and study room, but if anything it only gets worse - it is THE socializing thing at the school. We are negotiating a swimming pool access for our students, I have a movie club going.... but none of those tend to break this habbit down whatsoever.
Any tips? Not that I have to break it... they are adults and responsible for self. But it is a result of silly peer pressure and if something non-invasive and positive can be done, then why not try.

I hope someone can help.
Please help.
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