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No motivation for Alevels . At bad sixth form

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Points:231  User group: Acolyte
Post time: 2017-12-11 05:15 am
I was predicted all A’s and A*s for my GCSE’s but couldn’t achieve these because of problems I was facing . In my area there are 3 sixth forms that are for very intelligent students and are well respected and have authority . I wanted to go to one of them so badly but I ended up not getting the grades and missing it by 1 grade . I had plans of going there for 4 years and I cried for 2 weeks I was so so sad . I even said if I get good gcse results and end up going to that school I’m gonna be so motivated to do my Alevels , leave my phone and everything . That school was my dream and now I need to change my future career aswell . The rejection happen 4 months ago and I’m still so so sad about it . I attend an alright sixth form now , but it’s not the best , the 3 are the best and this one is around the middle . I have no motivation for anything here and I really want to drop out because I couldn’t go to the school I wanted and it literally affects my whole future . I’m so so sad I really wanted to go there !! I also went to the other 2 schools but they are more strict than the one I originally wanted to go to.
Please help.
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