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407 ETR, are we green or blue?

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Post time: 2017-12-06 03:38 am
Since starting school, I haven't been able to spend much time on the roads like I used to as I use the train daily. But going on the 410 recently, I noticed the MTO has made some jarring errors with regards to 407 ETR signage. For instance, take a look at this (poor) photo a friend of mine took while I was driving:
The old sign and new sign are both up, but the new sign for one is lacking an exit tab, and worse, it's GREEN. 407 ETR signs, especially exit and advance signs are supposed to be BLUE, as that is how Ontario differentiates a regular route from a toll route (mind you they use blue signs for collector lanes but that's a different thing).
As the 410 is being widened, the old round gantries were not compatible with the new cross section, so tri-chord gantries were erected, but who in their right mind made the sign green?
Going north, the same sort of thing happens, but what's jarring is that there's a conflict of convention. The 407 ETR 1km sign is no longer attatched to a gantry, so two (much smaller) ground signs exist that are blue. Next comes a GREEN 407 ETR advance arrow sign, and a GREEN 407 ETR exit only sign. Seeing as how all the new signs on the 407 East Extension are indeed blue, why is the MTO deciding to make these ones green?
Please help.
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