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IS this possible?

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Post time: 2017-12-06 03:35 am
Someone I have on Facebook said to me 'I know we don't talk often but you have always been a friend of mine  '

Is this possible? Can someone actually regard you as a friend even though they don't speak to you often? (Naturally I am quite shy and introverted).

Chill with the bumping. When you post something in the middle of the night don't expect someone to reply straight away.

Yes, you can be friends with people you don't talk to often. I don't speak often with some of my closest friends. Life gets in the way, people are busy. You don't have to be in constant contact with someone to be friends.

There are some people I went to school with, we weren't especially close but they're not complete strangers. I'd consider them friends, even if they've basically forgotten I existed.
Please help.
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