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Mother & Baby Killed in Alberta by Convicted Sex Offender. He was in Yellowknife?

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Post time: 2021-11-06 07:06 pm


I am a severely abused human rights activist. I had things done to me here in Yellowknife, NT, Canda. To make me into a terrorist. To make me someone, who would do what you read about above. Yellowknife is only 1 flight away from Edmonton. Lots of people from Yellownife. Including street people, go to Edmonton.

Interesting to know, if a weapon was used. Weapons are the tools of crime, for criminals. Means of self defend, or hammering, or whatever, for others.

Interesting to know, if he was involved, with local street people. Most likely. Street people gangs. Very dangerous people. Pretending not to be.

Interesting to know, if he had "know associates" he hanged out with. Fellow convicted sex offenders, other criminals, that he could verbalize, his fantasizes with. Among each other, in privacy.

I mean no disrespect, to the family.

Places like women centres are run by prostitutes and people who work with prostitutes. Still allowed to be around the most vunerable child in society. They don't stand a chance.

Lots of the gangs members, in here right now, with me, are sure pissed off. People know about them, you see. Harder for them. They only pretend, to be normal. Junkies, drug dealer, pimps, prostitutes, and sex offenders, and such. Staff no better.

So. When I use to be around convicted sex offenders, and others, in the gangs, all the time. Daily for years. (I am an abused, Homeless Human Rights Activist). The gangs, were allowed, and encouraged, to harass me. So they got comfortable, being around me. Including in talking and joking, as they would laugh, in talking about the most vulgar, and disgusting sex stuff, you can not even imagine. (A few times.) So much went on.

I mean, you can not, even imagine it. You can not even, think it. It is so alien, to a normal human thinking. You can not even remember, 5 minutes later, to tell someone. If they spoke for a minute, you could not, repeat it back. They are so vulgar, and disgusting, your mind, shreaks away, from even thinking about, what they talk and laugh about. Especially when you know, what monsters, they really are.

I literally, can not even tell you. What they say. I do not remember, nor want to. They are so vulgar, and disgusting, it is literally unbelievable. They pretend to be normal. I know they are not. They stopped (acting) like this, after I told some people. Years ago (still mad at me). Still pretending though now, to be normal. They are the gang leaders basically. Drug dealers. Etc. Only know some. Hard to even remember them. You do not want to. After being exposed to them. One of those people, stays here, with me, at the Arnika Inn, here in Yellowknife NT, Canada.

They act friendly. Watch shows like "I almost got away with it". In some of these true life shows, of escaped prisoners, etc. Some become drug dealers, and then well sometimes, end up with trucks, nice apartments, etc. They socialize, with all they can. That lets them meet, lots of people, and that seems, normal to you. Being overly friendly, socializing, a ladies man.

Usually disguising themselves to, and building fake identities. They need to mingle with lots of people, to sell, lots of drugs, and hopefully not be noticed. They want to be around people, who can spend, 100s of dollars, at a time. The gang members here, have done that. Dressed up, and pretend to be police (like in law and order), rich people, etc. Or just dressed nice, where ordinary people, and kids are. Other people involved in drugs too, come around then, socializing with them, in front of potential new victims.

The drug dealer, gang leaders, sex offenders, do the same things. Watch "I almost got away with it" and learn, and maybe save, your loved ones life, or from as good as dead.

I suspect if a gun had been used. The press would be all over it. You would never hear the end of it. Years later, it would be cited, for new gun laws, and such. What's going on? Why do they never understand? I have recently realized that (I am a slave). I am not black, but I think of myself as (N) word now. Because I am poor, so I am useless, except as there easy career security. The police, the courts, the press, the government, are all (house Ns) to me now. They never get into trouble, for the most part, because they are doing, what the masters, want then to do, to us. I can be treated, as I get treated, because I have no basic human rights. Because, I am a slave. Slaves, are not real people, to them. We are just a means to a end, to them. There easy lives, and careers, is our poverty, and despair, and suffering, and fear. Modern day slavery. We suffer, and they prosper, with our suffering, fear.

Slaves, are always surrounded by brigands. So you need the kings guard. You literally need them. They make it that way. The masters, want us completely dependent on them, for everything. A person in Canada. Lets say, that woman, and child's home, got broken into. And she had a gun. That woman, would shudder in horror, at the though of, what the R.C.M.P., and the courts, would do to her, if she used that gun, to defend herself, and her baby. Even if that happened, and hence then she survived. She would be terrified, in a clear and cut case, of self defence. Of going to prison, and maybe, at the same time, having to spend there life savings, at trying, to say out of prison. Years ago, a R.C.M.P. family member, killed a intruder, with a AR style weapon. It was no big deal, and dropped fast, being talked about. No charges were layed. That women, would be even more terrified, of using a AR style weapon, to defend herself, and baby. It is so scary, she might never had done anything, to defend herself, and her baby. Then her, and her baby, would have been killed, by this man. That is a example of a double standard. Which are becoming, more and more, commonplace. Even outside, the criminal justice system, and for the average person.

In the CBC story, on the national news tonight. September 22 2021. A defence lawyer, talked about, they can't be driven from town basically. How can they integrate into society then? Lets say, most do, for arguments sake. Some don't, and do horrific things. That never get reported to, sometimes, by victims. That is common knowledge, about sexual assault victims. What can be done? Lots.

There is a video on youtube called pervert park.

The husband, of his dead wife and child, calls for ‘Noah’s law’.

I think, convicted sex offenders, should not be allowed, to talk to each other, and gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes, criminals, etc. They need to be scared, of doing that.

Convicted sex offenders, should not be allowed, to be around each other, but be around each other, at the same time. Most of the time. Supervised access to public otherwise for (high risk) repeat offenders, as the R.C.M.P. called him. A place for them all, and only them. Far away, from everyone else. With serious consequences, for breaking there conditions, of release. Like at least, 10 more years, back in prison right away. So the convicted sex offenders, are scared. (Convicted sex offender, must be, about to do something serious "worth it"). And all know it. Serious consequences for them. Reminders, for the general public, at large, constantly. Not allowed to drink, or do drugs, even if legal drugs. Regular and routine drug testing, severe times a day. Always. Forever.

When they get drunk, drink, and or do drugs, especially street drugs, that can be a mixture, of unknown drugs. They are, right then, a extreme danger, of becoming a repeat sex offender. So that makes it, easy, easy, easy, to catch them. Fast. Fast. Fast.

Because they are around each other, and not allowed, to talk to each other, but do. What's going on? That person, is off there meds, right then, or are using drugs, or are just (out of control), and a extreme danger, right then, of becoming a repeat sex offender. Cameras, mics, everywhere, outside there trailers, or houses. Security present to.

If one of them, leaves the area, because they can. And does drugs, or gets drunk, lets say, and is allowed to. Since they are not allowed, to be around various criminals. They will be around (not criminals). A.K.A. Ordinary people. If they start talking about perverted, and vulgar activities. That will freak people out. Then the police will be called.

A serious criminal, on meds, to keep the general public safe, has to be scared, of going off there meds, for example. To keep the general public safe. As they are supposed to do.

Give the police, and courts, no choices at all. The police, and the courts, get to go to prison to, if they cover, for them still. Safest for us. Not sure about the judge, police officer, they get to go to prison, and wait. That criminal justice person, is extremely dangerous, to public safety. When they are not sure about us, it's you get secured. So the same for them to. They have extreme powers, over us, so more severe, for them.

The other way around to. Criminals get to go back to prison and such if they deliberately associate with convicted sex offenders. Shown every time, they see there probation officer, a picture list, of them locally. Maybe one warning only, for that one convicted criminal. Broke the terms, of there probation. So back inside. Right away. They need to, be scared.

Curfews, or back to prison, to make them want to stay away, and inside, there dwelling. Do I need to talk about ankle bracelets and such, to monitor where they are.

September 22 2021 10:15pm Just had to get into a screaming match with a pimp coming around outside my door bothering me. Staff member (Jihad) there right away pretending, he doesn't know, what is going on. He probably put them up to it. He has before and precipitated in my severe harassment. 10:26pm A prostitute, is outside my door now harassing me. Others to now. Well gone now. Wait a minute or two I guess. I have no choices.

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georgeCView-Profile    Send-Private-Message
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Post time: 2021-11-08 01:53 pm
In case you think I am over-blowing, what some sex offender, who may have been in Yellowknife, is like. Well, there is a video on Youtube, about walking down, one of the worst streets in Canada. This video filmer, dared to walk down the street, and record, street gang members. Extreme intimidation going on. Several people for the gangs and such from Yellowknife are in this video. Maybe up to 5 people. This is nothing.

They are trying not to get recorded on audio. It was this 24 hours a day for me. The average person in Yellowknife. By the 1000s is like this. Like the street gang members here. They taught the street gang members by doing the same type of things to me, for years, in front of the gang members here. Now they want to pretend, it's just the gangs who are like this. Literally constant comments and threat 24 hours a day. What and see. Experts to. You need to turn the volume up. Watch first, and then read the comment about what is actually going on and said. They brang there kids, to learn and practice on me. All grown up know.

I think people will find this shocking. Exploring Canada's Worst Street, East Hastings. Vancouver B.C. Vancouver, has been voted, the best place to live in NA, multiple times. Practised experts now. A Yellowknife street person showed up. Could have been a Yellowknife government worker. Or a kid. Welcome to my life.

To be perfectly clear. Once street gangs of people decide to come after you. This is what they are like, and much worst. All the time daily. 1000s of people will eventually join in, coming after you. Even in a small place. Especially when businesses and government employees get involved. It become government policy.

Loose your job, and get tossed to the wolves. This is what awaits people, in places like this. As people get thrown in, one by one, for whatever reason. Well for peoples easy careers ans such. The horror. Especially when your employer wants you destroyed, because of severe, human rights abuses. They deliberately get people like this involved in harassing you. Including government workers.

Only about 5 1/2 minutes long. Can change your life. Can safe your life, or a loved ones life. Or as good as. Nice now right? Same people, acting different now, in different places. Nice now right? Notice how they are doing all kinds of movements in front of filmer. So you notice them.


Watch a gang in action. Cell phones messages from the gang members, get ahead of video filmer. Time are distance into video. This is only, out in the open stuff.

0:16 Gang member on bike patrolling edges.

0:22 Someone scream swear words.

0:22 Women dressed nice looks at video filmer. A few seconds later a man walks by and moans "ah..." as he does so.

Yellowknifer -------------0:26 Woman dressed in black with ivory coloured scarf on. Looks like someone from Yellowknife, older now. She's no longer in Yellowknife. Around street people lots. Looking at filmer.-------------------------

0:33 Someone screams "there, there."

0:43 Crazy acting man starts heading towards video filmer. Person behind him just standing on corner looking toward the video filmer.

0:56 Cops or someone bark there horn while close to video filmer. The homeless man displays himself, by talking to the video filmer then laughs. Gang member.

1:04 Women standing closer to wall behind women with pinkish pants is staring at video filmer. The woman in pinkish pant moved to make sure video filmer notices them. Lots of movement by them, when video filmer gets closer to them. Like punching motions by women in pink flower pants.

1:13 Women with coffee stops and parks herself by door right in front of video filmer.

1:20 Old woman will not get out of the way. Bitter face.

1:41 People starting to get in the way if they were a little closer.

1:57 Guy walks buy wearing a hoodie swinging his hands. Acting passive aggressive. Making sure he is noticed. Displaying.

2:03 into video. Man on bike comes by, moving fast, and swerves, out of the way, just after a woman just passed by. Acting aggressive. Displaying.

2:09 Some grown men talking loudly. Making sure they are noticed. then guy in all red looks at video filmer. He says some comments more silently.

2:16 Three grown men standing by wall. One is smoking and pointing his hand at video filmer. Staring at video filmer. One says "that cherry no one". A swear word. "loves you want me to do you". Says fast.

2:22 Someone bangs loudly on something behind video filmer.

2:31 Another person who does not want to get out of the way. With another person, making hand movements, and facing behind and to the side (Stabbing fear) of video filmer when filmer walks by. Acts like he is throwing something in front of video filmer. (You are trash).

2:40 Two gown men standing close to a pub entrance talking to each other. One is talking loudly to be noticed. The one facing away looks back when the video filmer gets closer. The other guy makes a moaning noise after video filmer walks by. Filmer noticed by 2 street thugs basically.

2:47 Women in front getting in the way of video filmer. Can hear someone swear. She is dressed in black and has a black and green bag.

3:01 Someone says "stop fabing" and a swear word. Instead of "stop filming" swearword. Know they are being recorded. Then someone says "oom" instead of "boom". Attack fear. Then the save person says "right between your legs". Sexual intimidation.

3:11 Old woman says loudly "ok" and a man says a swear word and "you".

3:13 Someone says "up there" Sexual innuendo.

3:15 Three men standing in front of alleyway. One Says "RCMP awkward virgin." Making sure with RCMP key word, that video filmer pays attention, and then, sexual intimidation again. Then he says "I might ever go there." Then more sexual imitation comments get said while someone else is talking loudly to try to cover up sound recording.

3:28 "when are you going to" swear word "a dead man" Death threat.

3:32 A man moans "oh" and then acts like he is recording the video filmer. Then some women starts swearing from behind. Intimidation. Some angry swear words and a threat of sexual assault.

Yellowknifer----------------3:40 Man sitting down with blue cap by wall staring at video filmer. Then man standing with white hair looks at video filmer. He says "we skip we jack her come on". More threats of violence. A bunch of people get in the way. Including stopping on the street. Women with black and a green bag gets in the way again. Guy whit blue cap and dresses in black looks like a person who was a gang member basically in Yellowknife.------------------------ Maybe person talkin to him to. Fairly sure. Not for to long.

Yellowknifers--------------------------4:06 Man says "hey young ladies". Looks like a guy that's been here in Yellowknife NT Canada. Sounds like him to. Looks like another man from Yellowknife standing next to him with checkered jacket. Just got to display himself with his smile.---------------

4:11 into video. someone walk extremely fast right in front of video filmer. A guy on a bike gets in video filmers way. Rides up and gets off his bike, and gets in the way of filming. People start getting in the way a few seconds later. So guy from Yellowknife having fun, dominating someone.

4:15 Man by road on sidewalk deliberately turns towards person filming while walking. Intimidation. Filmer boxed in on both side right then. someone says "gay" a swear word and "him".

4:22 A couple walks by, holding hands and getting in the filmers way.

4:29 As filmer walks by some men, standing by wall, one says "I like to get nice to him by force". Then a swear word. A threat of forced prostitution. After he trains you.

4:32 Some man says loudly "get. Then a woman gets in video filmers way, and moans at him.

4:38 Some man says loudly "throw this on youtube you crazy?" Threat.

4: 42 Being looked at by guy leaning at wall. Maybe nothing other than being noticed still. Man in blue jacket walks by and notices video filmer too.

4:45 Man with blue jacket gives video filmer quick nervous look. Trying to intimidate filmer.

4:48 The man on bike spits in the wind in front of video filmer to get spit on him.

5:00 Man says "go home last night". Another death threat.

5:02 Man says "I will camp in his office". Then "I will show how brutal I am".

5:07 Same man again. "We're way ahead of him". Then "He's a good" swear word. Then a person walks by fast if front and close to video filmer.

5:12 Man walks by carrying a bag, and moans at video filmer to. Right after that being stared at by women sitting down against wall. Right after filmer walks by moaning again.

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georgeCView-Profile    Send-Private-Message
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Post time: 2021-11-08 01:57 pm
Canada has some interesting legal precedents, with native self government, in these, native communities. For many years to. Banishing convicted sex offenders, for example. So we end up with them. So you have these mostly, small native communities (couple 100 people at most). Where lots of these people, are family, and relatives, of each other, and have known each other, all there lives. They still choose, to banish the convicted sex offenders, for life. When drinking, and or doing drugs, is when most of these sex offences take place. Even if it is only the parent(s) that got drunk, and or stoned. Then someone committed a sex offence. Or the person was drunk and or stoned enough to want to, and do.

It was talked about on TV, before this native self justice implementation took place, that this was traditional (as stated) among there culture, to banish serious criminals onto the land basically. The concern was they would starve to death. The concern wasn't, that we would get them, dumped on us. People that, even there own families, no longer want them around, at all.

This is kind of like, a more severe restraining order. Instead of having to just stay away from children. You are no longer allowed, around at all. Basically dead, to there families, and communities, and culture. Whatever gets pretended, these days. So basically dead, to there families, and communities, and culture. Dead things to there own. Literal, the walking dead. Isn't that the truth.

So interesting legal precedents have been set. Why can't we do the same, in the rest of Canada anyway? We should be able to. With the natives anyway. Considered a acceptable part of there culture anyway. Dumping these hardened criminals, upon us. We need, pervert parks, for them. 20 to 30 miles outside of the village, town or city. Banished there. Have trailers for them, a good store there, a medical clinic there. Offer government services there. Paperwork, that can be done there, and government workers, drive there to implement. Not allowed to leave. Cameras watching the roads, with posted signage. So people, who are not suppose to be on the road, are most likely, coming to cause trouble. Easier to keep them safe.

Any person, leaving the pervert park, is most likely, about to commit a serious crime. We will never know, because the police, will intercept them. Security companies, can be payed, to watch road cameras, and contact police, as needed. Government workers, and normal workers, will know, how to contact them, and verify, they are suppose, to be there. Etc. Pretty good. Even simpler. Cable TV, internet, etc. Unless they are not allowed, to have the internet. Be by themselves, in trailers, and not allowed, to have other people go into there trailers, etc. Not excuses, for anything found, or whatever. Harder to get drugs. Etc.

Can be just a couple of places in Canada, like that. Outside federal prisons basically. Whatever.

It seems to be the convicted sex offenders. At least in native gangs basically, in Canada. That get management positions inside the gangs.

Thought for sure story said before he was let out.

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